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"I'm sorry, I made a mistake." Seeing this, Yeh Sheng-chin immediately apologized softly. I don't blame you, it's me. Wen Po looked dejectedly at the stamens in his hands. Don't worry about it, at least for a while. Ye Shengqin waved to Wen Jie and motioned him to come closer. "I'll introduce you to the martial arts director of this film. I asked him to pick you up in Calcutta two days ago, but I didn't expect it to be empty.". Wen Po, this is Kuang Wenjie. Wen Jie, this is.. Before Yeh Sheng-chin had finished speaking, he heard Wen Po murmuring and choking: "Kuang Wen-chieh, Kuang Wen-chieh.." Then she suddenly raised her head and threw it into Wen Jie's arms, which made Ye Shengqin confused. It's you, it's really you. As soon as Wen Po saw Wen Jie, he hugged him happily, "You came to me, you really came to me." "What's going on?" Yeh Sheng-chin looked at Wen Jie with a rare smile and looked at the two people embracing each other in surprise. "Do you know each other?"? No way Wen Jie, didn't you pick up Wen Po? "I should say I didn't know she was Wenpo." Wen Jie still hugs Min Po and tells Ye Shengqin about their meeting at the airport and two years ago. You are really destined,aluminium edge trim, but also very. Ye Shengqin looked at the two men in front of him and reluctantly took back the strange word he blurted out, but his eyes had already conveyed the message. Don't scold us secretly in your heart. Wen Po looked at Ye Shengqin and said. "How dare I!" Yeh Sheng-chin hurriedly raised his hands and said, "I think you must have something to say. I'd better know the times and leave quickly. I'll leave you alone and make it clear." "When Yeh Sheng-chin left, Wen Po couldn't wait to ask," Are you looking for me? You just got here. ? Still got here before me. ?” "Before I answer that question, I'm going to do something I should have done last night." Wenpo looked at Wenjie in amazement. From the message in his eyes,metal trim manufacturers, she knew what he was going to do. She could not help lowering her head shyly and expectantly. It was not until Wenjie raised her chin that she looked at him again. Close your eyes. Wen Jie ordered softly. After closing her eyes obediently, what followed was Wenjie's kiss on her lips. Wenpo felt her heart beat faster and her legs were too weak to stand, so she quickly put her hands on Wenjie's shoulders to support her. Wen Po felt his warm lips constantly attacking her lips, eager but gentle, and the sound of their hearts beating faster and faster. She could only let him suck the sweet spring in her mouth, until the end of the kiss, she found Wenjie sitting on the bed, and she was sitting on his lap. Thinking of his devotion and forgetfulness, even when he did not know when to move his position, Wenpo immediately blushed and put his face on his chest. A good night should have a perfect ending. Wen Jie said softly. Why last night. Wen Po was too shy to finish his words. Do you want to know why I didn't kiss you last night? "Seeing that she nodded gently, Wenjie said with a smile, stainless steel tile trim ,china tile trim," I don't know whether I should kiss or not, because I'm not sure whether we will get together again. " "Of course, as long as you have the heart." Wen Po said gently and firmly. Wen Jie just smiled and did not answer, although she is his ideal partner, but the future may not be all in his hands, how dare he make a mistake at will? Fortunately, she left earlier than him this morning. Then he realized what he had lost, and he regretted it. Why don't you speak? Before I left the hotel. I left a note and threw it in your room. If you have the heart, you will find me. Wenpo searched his eyes, hoping to see a positive answer, but only saw him shaking his head blankly. I don't see a single note, or a single word you left me. Wen Jie shook his head in denial. Yes! I slipped it under the door of your room. "Well, how could you not have seen it?" Wenpo wondered. "Or didn't you notice?" "Impossible.".
"Wen Jie knew that if there was a note, he could not have seen it, but he also knew that Wen Po could not lie, there was only one possibility left, so he asked:" Are you in the left hand or the right hand side of the room? " "Of course." As soon as Wen Po thought of his confused nature, he immediately whispered, "Could I have lost the wrong room?" "What do you think?" Wen Jie smiled and did not answer the rhetorical question. Ugh! As though …… Have "Maybe?" Wen Po discouraged tunnel. " "Don't be annoyed, anyway, we meet again!" Wen Jie said soothingly. Yeah! This means that we are really destined. Is that right? "Wen Po asked happily, sweeping away the appearance of listlessness." Yes Wen Jie hugged her lightly. "You didn't leave earlier than me. How could you arrive later than me?"? And I heard from Sheng Chin that producer Lin went to pick you up in person. I.. I took the wrong bus, and I couldn't get in touch with the film company, so I had to call for help. Fortunately, the secretary found Lin Jingru, otherwise, I would probably be living on the street again. Wen Po stuck out his tongue and said, "If I had known last night that I would come to Darjeeling, I wouldn't have been bored all the way." "You won't get lost." Wen Jie said jokingly. Maybe! "Wen Po is a little embarrassed." Have you packed all the luggage? Do you need my help? "Wen Jie had the experience of the last time and knew that she couldn't tidy things up, so he asked thoughtfully." No need. Wenpo thought of the whole suitcase chaos, hurriedly refused, "I can find the hotel waiter, or else, I will find Jingru to help me." "Suit yourself!"! Just now Jingru said she would meet at the restaurant downstairs. By the way, I would like to introduce the staff this time. It's almost time now. Let's go down. Wen Jie glanced at his watch and suggested to Wen Po. Ok Wenpo first came down from Wenjie's leg, and when Wenjie got up,aluminum tile edge trim, he took his hand and walked out. FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 Just step out of the door also want to go downstairs Lin Jingru, just see Kuang Wenjie and Wenpo hand in hand appearance, she can not help but look at the two people walking in front of her face surprised. jecatrims.com
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