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And Xu Biao's expression, slightly unhappy up. Eyes closed, exudes a strong momentum of the man, all unexpectedly opened his eyes, swept in addition to him, also dare to so smelly fart do not say a word of me. When he found that I was not as sophisticated and threatening as he had imagined, he slowly closed his eyes and began to rest. One of the armed policemen, not knowing whether it was intentional or not, laughed at me and said, "His name is Chen Fenghua. He was convicted of rape and sentenced to eight years in prison. He is the lightest one among you." Xu Biao'miso 'once, stood up, to me is a kick. With a bang, the dirty soles of my shoes immediately made a close contact with my face. Huge impact, so that my head, hard and hard wagon, once again hard hit together. There was a loud bang. Xu Biao's body is very strong, and he is also very strong. Strength, much greater than Wang Shuai, I only feel the brain suddenly boom, the whole person spread down. Xu Biao still did not want to end, and the attack, like a storm, spilled down on my body. Two armed police, like a joke, looked at me,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, not even the meaning of stop. The other three prisoners, the one with his eyes closed, still had his eyes closed. The other two, but an original expression, looking at me, is simply an expression of watching a play. After hitting me for a while, Xu Biao found that I was still as motionless as stagnant water. No matter how hard he tried, he saw that my body was swollen and blue one after another. But still did not hum, after playing for a while. When I slowly felt bored,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, I stopped. I was still facing out and felt my nose bleeding out and my head hurt. But I still did not move, the nose flow of blood, after a while, the strange stop, but the blood formed a scar, blocking the nose can not breathe. I had to open my mouth and breathe through it. The dust under the car, also with my breath, like a visit, came in, saliva, unconsciously flowed out and mixed with the dust. The other face is filled with mud pimples, but more, mixed in my mouth, very bitter, very astringent, just like my heart. And I can't see the drizzle outside the window and a little bit of the sky at the moment. Now I look down, just like my heart, ceramic bobbin heater core ,Ceramic Bobbin, a gray one. Xu Biao sat and muttered, "Damn, like a dead man, you don't even scream." Qian Wei used the root of his handcuffed left hand to push his eyes again and said, "Why did you hit him?" Xu Biao took a strange look at Qian Wei and asked, "Aren't prisons always like this?"? I heard that thieves and rapists are looked down upon inside, and anyone can be bullied. Didn't I bully him just now? Qian Wei looked at Xu Biao with an idiotic expression, and suddenly he was speechless. However, after seeing Xu Biao's inquiring eyes, he opened his mouth and explained: "I don't know whether the rapist was bullied or not.". However, Nanning Prison is a prison for serious criminals with a sentence of more than 15 years. This kid was only sentenced to eight years, but he was imprisoned here. One thing is clear, this man is wronged, and someone wants him dead. I listened to Qian Wei's words and trembled gently all over, but did not move. Yes, I also know that some people deliberately wrong me, and some people want me to die. Otherwise, why was I assigned to the place where the heavy criminals with a sentence of more than 15 years in prison were staying after serving an eight-year sentence. Embarrassed, Xu Biao coughed heavily and looked at me with complicated eyes, but he still said forcefully: "Brother, I'm sorry, I don't know.". In the future, who bullied you inside? Tell my bull, my bull will help you. He chatted enthusiastically with Qian Wei and Li Hui next to him. It's like you're not in jail, it's like you're traveling. The atmosphere inside the car is still very dull, I still face the dark point, motionless. Xu Biao, Qian Wei and Li Hui are still chatting enthusiastically. But two armed police actually smoked a cigarette, Xu Biao looked, immediately gathered together to go up. Armed police is also smooth, in order not to have an accident on the road, respectively gave Xu Biao, Qian Wei, Li Hui a person.
Five men smoked, and in the narrow and closed prison car, in less than a moment, there was a strong smell of smoke in the air. The unknown man with his eyes closed remained motionless. I was choked by a cough, but still did not call back my consciousness. After a while, the speed of the car slowly slowed down, and finally stopped. I also know whether I can walk out of the hell alive or not. I also know that my life at the age of eighteen, my life that I should have lived in college, my life at the age of eighteen, at this moment, is all in a mess. Chapter 18 this is the prison. The car door was opened with a crash. The smell of smoke in the car, because of the change of air, finally gradually faded up. The man with his eyes closed suddenly stood up and was the first to go out of the car. Li Hui, who was sitting next to him, followed him out. Qian Wei followed, followed by Xu Biao. Even two armed policemen went down, and I still lay there, motionless. To tell you the truth, I was afraid. I suddenly had no reason to be afraid. I was afraid to walk out of this narrow car. Although I know I can't hide from my life in prison. But I still hope that suddenly a phone call will come and acquit me. Then I went back in this smelly, dusty car. I did not dare to move, as if my life in prison was doomed as soon as I walked out. A strange voice sounded from behind and said, "What's wrong with this man? How did he get hurt so badly?" One of the armed policemen curled his lips and muttered to the stranger. Recently,Alumina Ceramic C795, I felt that my five senses were particularly sensitive. The words of this armed policeman came to my ears in every detail, saying: "This boy was sentenced to eight years.". And it's rape. As for what's going on, I don't have to say it. You can do it yourself. 。 global-ceramics.com
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