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But one of the positive effects of IDC's deadlocked interpretation of the intelligence is that it has made people give up the illusion of miracles. In fact, the public has long stopped this illusion, because they simply do not know the existence of Yuntianming intelligence. Political pressure from the bottom up has prompted Fleet International and the United Nations to shift their attention from cloud intelligence to the search for survival opportunities for Earth civilization based on existing human technology. From the cosmic scale, the destruction of the three-body world is imminent, giving the human world the opportunity to make a comprehensive and detailed observation of the process of star destruction, which has obtained a large number of complete data. Because the destroyed stars are very similar to the sun in mass and sequence, it is possible for humans to accurately grasp the mathematical model of the catastrophe when the sun is hit by the dark forest. In fact, research in this area began on a large scale from the moment the light signal of the destruction of the three-body world was transmitted to the solar system, and the results of the research directly led to the birth of the shelter project. Now, the bunker program has received unprecedented attention from the international community in order to replace Yuntianming intelligence. The Past Beyond Time (Excerpt) Bunker Plan-The Ark of Earth Civilization I. Prediction of the Dark Forest Strike Time in the Solar System. An optimistic forecast, one hundred to one hundred and fifty years; a general forecast. , 50 to 80 years; a pessimistic preview. Ten to thirty years: The human survival plan is planned in a period of seventy years. Second, the number of people to be saved. According to the current rate of world population decline, there will be about 600 million to 800 million people in 70 years. Third,american hot tub, the overall forecast of the attack on the dark forest. Based on the observational data of the destruction of three-body stars, a mathematical model of catastrophe is established when the sun is hit by the same blow. Calculations of the model show that if the sun is attacked by light particles, all terrestrial planets within the orbit of Mars will be destroyed. During the initial phase of the attack, Mercury and Venus will completely disintegrate, and the Earth will retain some of its volume and maintain its spherical shape, but its surface will be stripped to a depth of about 500 kilometers,China spa factory, including all of the crust and part of the crust; the surface of Mars will be stripped about 100 kilometers. 。 At the end of the attack, all the Earth-like planets will fall into orbit due to the resistance of the solar eruption material, and eventually fall to the remaining core of the sun and be completely destroyed. Mathematical models show that the destructive power of solar eruptions, including the impact of radiation and diffuse stellar material, is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, that is, the destructive power decreases sharply as the distance from the sun increases, which allows distant Jovian planets to survive the impact. At the beginning of the attack, Jupiter's surface will be severely disturbed, but its overall structure will remain intact, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,massage bathtub manufacturers, and Jupiter's satellite system will remain basically unchanged. Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are only generally disturbed at the surface, and the structure remains intact. The diffuse solar material will have an impact on the orbits of the three Jovian planets, but in the latter part of the attack, the erupting solar material will form a spiral debris nebula, whose angular velocity and direction of rotation will be consistent with that of the Jovian planets, and will no longer produce enough resistance to the planets to reduce their orbits. It is certain that the four giant planets of the solar system, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, will remain intact after the dark forest strikes. This important prediction is the basic basis for the shelter plan. Four, the abandoned human survival plan. 1. Interstellar escape plan : Not technically feasible at all. In the planned time period, it is impossible for human beings to have the ability of large-scale interstellar voyage, the number of people who can escape from the stars only accounts for less than one thousandth of the total population, and the possibility of finding habitable exoplanets is very small before the spacecraft runs out of fuel and the ecosystem declines. Because the plan can only accommodate a small proportion of the population, it violates the most basic values and moral principles of human society, and is totally politically infeasible, which may lead to violent turbulence and total collapse of human society. 2. Long Range Evasion Plan : The feasibility is low. The plan is to establish human settlements in space far enough away from the sun to avoid solar eruptions. According to the model calculation, referring to the protection level of human space city in the foreseeable future, the safe distance is 60 astronomical units from the sun, which has crossed the Kuiper Belt.
The space region at that distance is poor in resources, and it is difficult to find raw materials to build a space city; also because of the resource problem. Even if the space city is built, the survival of human beings in it will face insurmountable difficulties. 5. Bunker plan. The four giant planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are used as shelters to avoid solar eruptions caused by dark forest strikes. It is planned to build a space city for all mankind to immigrate on the opposite side of the four planets. These space cities are close to the planets, but not their satellites, but move synchronously around the sun with the planets. This makes the space city always on the opposite side of the four planets, shielded and protected by the planets when the sun erupts. It plans to build 50 space cities, each of which can accommodate about 15000000 people. Among. 20 constellations on the back of Jupiter Saturn Dorsal 20, Neptune Dorsal 6. Uranus Dorsal Quadruple 。 The materials for building the space city are taken from the moons of the four planets. And the rings of Saturn and Neptune 。 6. Technical problems of the shelter plan. The technology covered by the plan is basically within the range that human beings have reached. Fleet International already has a rich space city construction experience, and already has a considerable space base on Jupiter. There are also some technical challenges that are expected to be able to be overcome within the planned timeframe, such as the location maintenance of Space City. The space city is not the satellite of the four planets. They are relatively static with the planet on the opposite side of the planet, and they are very close to the planet. Gravity will pull the space city to the planet. Therefore,endless swim spa, it is necessary to install a position maintenance engine on the space city to offset the gravity of the planet and maintain the distance between the space city and the planet. The space city was initially planned to be located at the second Lagrange point 1 of the giant planet, which is the gravitational equilibrium point outside the giant planet. There was no problem in maintaining the position, but it was found that it was too far away from the shelter planet to play a protective role. The survival of mankind in the solar system after the attack of the dark forest. monalisa.com
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