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Ji Nuannuan's body trembled and replied, "Yes." Su Yuncheng put his hands on Ji Nuannuan's fingers and asked in a deep voice, "Why didn't you wear a wedding ring?" Ji Nuannuan broke free and took out the necklace from his neck, with a ring hanging on it. "It's not convenient to take care of my aunt recently." Su Yuncheng took her hand and bit it close to his mouth. Ji Nuannuan's small mouth pouted high, "You have violent tendencies, I want to return it." Su Yuncheng put the man on the bed. He took advantage of the situation and came over. "No, yes, yes," he said in a deep voice. Ji Nuannuan gazed into his eyes, her fiery eyes intertwined, and she hooked his neck, pulled closer, and put her red lips together. This kiss is very touching, not with love/desire, but full of yearning. I haven't seen you for more than twenty days. I really can't think about it. They were intoxicated in this kiss for a long time. After a long time, there was a knock on the door, and the servant came to call for dinner. Su Yuncheng gazed at Ji Nuannuan's red lips and kissed them again. Ji Nuannuan went to push him. His eyes were rippling with blue waves. "Get up quickly," he said coquettishly. "We're going to go down, or my aunt will laugh at me." Su Yuncheng got up and pulled her up by the way. The two of them arranged their clothes separately. Someone returned to his usual cool and ascetic appearance and put his hand in front of Ji Nuannuan. Ji Nuannuan understood and took the lead obediently. In the restaurant, Ji Xin was sitting in a wheelchair waiting, and when he saw them coming down, he smiled, "Eat quickly." "Well,Surveyors tape measure, good." Ji Nuannuan pulled out his hand and let Su Yuncheng sit on the other side, and she sat beside him. The servant brought up the rest of the dishes, and the three of them chatted briefly. The meal was very harmonious. After dinner, Ji Xin left time for the young couple, "I'm going to take a nap, and you two can go out for a walk." Su Yuncheng: "Good." — Ji Nuan and Su Yuncheng held hands, and the two of them walked slowly in the street. French afternoon, the sun is not too hot,tape measure clip, the wind is very warm, people have a relaxed and happy feeling. Especially, the street is the fragrance of flowers from time to time on the street, which makes people more intoxicated. Ji Nuannuan took Su Yuncheng's arm and put his head on his shoulder, following his steps. This feeling is like a couple in love. She loves it. Walking along, I saw the French men in the morning again, and the men saw them far away. Ji Nuannuan laughed out loud. "Look how scared you are." Su Yuncheng frowned, "that's because he's too good." …… Afternoon time passed quickly, Su Yuncheng received a phone call from Qin Suzhong, the plane has been arranged. Ji Nuannuan knows he wants to go, in the heart unexpectedly sour, she does not know why oneself can be like this? Could it be. This is love? She had never been in love before, and she had no longing for love. If this was love, then she knew what was reluctant to give up. Su Yuncheng took off the necklace from her neck, put on the ring for her personally, and told her: "Don't take it off." The ring on the ring finger, Walking tape measure ,horse weight tape, as long as the man with long eyes, will not miss her again. Ji Nuannuan knew his careful mind, not angry but happy, nodded lightly, "well." The two men had a lingering kiss again. Ji Xin knew that Su Yuncheng would go back and said apologetically, "Thank you for letting Nuannuan accompany me all the time." Su Yuncheng replied politely: "It should be." Ji Xin: "After some time, I will let her return home." Su Yuncheng: "Good." — Time flashed to the fourth day of February, during which Su ran ran called, she and Meng Yanning's wedding date set on the sixth day. Ji Xin's legs are much better, and occasionally she can walk down with crutches. Ji Nuannuan told the servant clearly about the matters needing attention, did not tell Su Yuncheng in advance, and returned home directly. — She came back a little suddenly, and arrived at Qingya Mansion at four o'clock in the afternoon. After returning home, he first reported to his mother and father that he was safe, and then went into the bathroom to take a bath. The bath was an enjoyable process, and it was already six o'clock when it was over. Aunt Wu told her that her husband would not come back for dinner today. After dinner, Ji Nuannuan went back to his room. She thought about giving Su Yuncheng a surprise. Put on the ice silk nightdress brought from France, specially slide down the belt and hang it on the arm. The delicate collarbone, the breakable skin, and the charming career line constitute a beautiful scenery.
She made several provocative poses on the bed, her slender white legs curled up slightly, and she lay on her side, her long hair spread out in front of her body, which was the most charming. After five minutes, he posed for another pose, and his eyes were full of amorous luster. As time went by, she went from lying on her side to lying on her side, her eyelids drooping more and more, and finally, without caring about anything, she pulled the quilt over and went to sleep. The bed at home was comfortable. She slept until dawn. When she woke up in a daze, she remembered something. She was going to see Su Ran Ran. Su Ranran's wedding tomorrow. Ji Nuannuan ran out of bed, dawdled in the bathroom for more than an hour, and then dawdled in the bathroom for half an hour. After coming out, she put on elegant makeup, white knee-length dress, black boots and windbreaker, and hurried out of the door. Coincidentally, on the way, her mother called and asked her to go back to the house. It was noon when she came and went. Ji Nuannuan took out his cell phone and called Su Ran Ran, apologizing again and again, saying that he would arrive later. Su ran spoke gently and told her not to worry. After having lunch at Ji Zhai, Ji Nuannuan went to the studio. Everything was fine and the performance was better than last month. At two o'clock in the afternoon, she rushed to Ming Bay. Su ran ran was pregnant, and it was the early stage of pregnancy. In order to take care of the pregnant woman's rest, the place of reception did not change, so it was set in Ming Bay. As soon as the three women met, they always had endless topics to talk about, and Mi Yueyue said a lot. Ji Nuannuan handed them the gifts he brought from France. Mi Yueyue hugged last season's warm neck, "Thank you for being warm." Su Ranran: "How is aunt?" Ji Nuannuan: "It's much better,cattle weight tape, and it should be able to recover in two months." "Thank God." Su ran said, "now you can finally feel at ease." Ji Nuannuan and her aunt Ji Xin's feelings Su Ranran understand, deeper than the feelings of mother and daughter. tapemeasure.net
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