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I guess in surprise, what on earth is worth a dragon to exchange its own dragon ball?! Ao Chi was so angry that he trembled all over. Pointing at Dong Er, "You.." Are you crazy? Can the Dragon Ball be exchanged at will?! Even if you are crazy, you will involve others! As soon as she heard this, Dong Er's tears suddenly froze, and her grief was completely broken down by the hatred that had been buried for too long. She actually giggled out loud, looked at Ao Chi, and said word by word: "Yes, I have long been crazy.". On the wedding day of you and me, you left me in front of all the guests and left without looking back! At that time, I do not cry, do not make trouble, keep my identity with the noble, waiting for you. One year, ten years, a hundred years, you treat me like nothing. I still don't cry, I still wait, but what I wait for is the news that you marry someone else. Ha ha, if you marry a match with my identity, but you married the Millennium Tree Demon who has not been in the right path! How can you make me feel? Her angry eyes seemed to burn and spray on me,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and she wanted to break my bones and raise ashes. You and I are not husband and wife. Instead, Ao Chi became surprisingly calm. "That wedding was just a farce made by the old guy.". He said that he was seriously ill and hoped to see me marry and get married before he died. For his wish, I agreed to marry you. But the old man was so happy that he spilled the beans at the wedding banquet. Ao Chi took a breath and looked at Dong Er. "Who do I hate most for lying to me?". The truth of this matter you also know later, I also write down the contract to dissolve the engagement, you only need to write your name, our marriage will be over, a step forward, you are still the three princesses of the East China Sea. But you still refuse to sign the deed. I will never sign it. If I don't sign my name,mirror stainless steel sheet, you and I will always be married. Winter ears sneer, "you say, I do not sign a day, I am not allowed to leave the East China Sea.". I was obedient and obeyed your warning. I waited in the East Sea for almost a thousand years. At first, I was waiting for you to change your mind, and then I waited for you, and it wasn't you. She turned around and pointed at the man on the stone platform, laughing strangely. "I'm waiting for him!" Ao Chi and I were both stunned. Xuanwu forgets Sichuan and wakes up in a thousand years. I'm waiting for him to wake up. Dong Er's laughter echoed mournfully, and his desperate eyes looked at Zi Miao, who was silent, and looked back at me, "Tree demon, I'm helping you.". I help you see clearly, help you make a choice! You have been cultivating for thousands of years in vain, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, but you don't even know who you really love! These words hit me like an arrow, and also hit Ao Chi. Winter ears trembled with laughter, and their soft bodies wriggled on the ground, uglier than dying snakes. People only know that Xuanwu is so powerful that it can carry the land and keep it safe, but they don't know that it has another ability. Zi Miao looked at the snake-tailed man who was resting with his eyes closed. "In the underworld, there is a river named Forgetting River, which is the only way for the dead.". This basalt, in the name of Forgetting Sichuan, is a metaphor for its ability to steal the sky and change the sun and bring the dead back to life. He stretched out his palm, and the cinnabar in the palm was still bright. "Immortals are different from mortals. Once both form and spirit are destroyed, they will disappear completely. Unlike mortals, there are souls that can go to the underworld through the Forgotten River.". There are masters who can sneak into the Forgotten River and bring the dead back to the human world, but no one can bring the dead immortals back to life, not even the powerful Emperor of Heaven. Only Xuanwu can bring the dead immortal to the present through the method of going against the time, which is the method of resurrection. All the immortals who have been'resurrected 'by basalt have such marks on their palms. "Add a little bit." Jiu Jue coughed twice, "To bring the dead immortal back to life, in addition to Xuanwu to take most of his life, but also need the immortal left behind, even a trace of the primordial spirit or spiritual power, with this, Xuanwu can find him in the vast time that has passed away.". The simple explanation is that if Zi Miao had not sealed his only remaining primordial spirit in a bracelet for his daughter, the ten basalts would not have brought him back. So, our three princesses would work so hard to steal the'eye of the water God 'from the water tomb. I'm completely sober. Originally, Zi Miao "rebirth", the initiator is her?! Others may not understand her purpose of going to so much trouble, but now, I can, I am also a woman.
I looked into her eyes carefully. "Do you think your brother Ao Chi will go back as long as Zi Miao appears?" She turned away and said bitterly, "You don't deserve him, and you don't even love him.". The person you love has always been Zimiao! Don't lie to yourself! It is only because he is dead that you regard Ao Chi as a substitute and dependence. As long as Zimiao comes back, your heart will turn around immediately! Is that so? I looked back at Ao Chi, who was also looking at me. Both of them moved their lips, but neither of them said anything in the end. Ha-ha! Am I right. Think of how close you two were on the night of the Lantern Festival. Dong Er Xiang Shi won a great victory and looked at Ao Chi proudly. "Her attitude towards Zi Miao, their tacit understanding, her gentle eyes on Zi Miao, her sleeping on his legs, which one did he ever do to you?"? Is there? Brother Ao Chi, you know best whether this woman loves you or not. I have told you that as long as the water God comes back, your tree demon will not see you. Don't you think so in your heart? She laughed and harangued between us, "fool yourself!" "Uh, excuse me." Jiu Jue is very embarrassed to stand in front of the winter ear, "love or do not love such a thing, leave the parties to solve it.". The problem now is the third princess. As far as I know, Xuanwu is honest and helpful by nature. Once he wakes up in a thousand years, if someone is destined to find him at this time and ask for him in good faith, he will help as much as he can, regardless of the reward. Now he's helping you,304 Stainless Steel Bar, but he's chasing you around to collect debts, which is really against nature. Remind you, what Xuanwu hates most. It's a man who breaks his word. 。 sxthsteel.com
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