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When the entertainment industry in Hong Kong was most prosperous, there were hundreds of large and medium-sized film, television, music and media brokerage companies in Sheung Wan, and countless small companies and studios. Sheung Wan also became known as "Oriental Hollywood". But that belongs to the glory of the past, now the number of entertainment companies in Hong Kong has declined sharply, the brain drain of outstanding talents is serious, and big film companies with a long history like Garbo Film are also facing operational difficulties. But as the saying goes, a lean camel is bigger than a horse, and big companies have a deep foundation. For example, the headquarters of Garbo Pictures is located in the 37-storey Garbo Building. The value of this building alone is amazing. Housing prices in Xiangjiang can be ranked in the top ten in the world. The luxury houses in Banshan are hundreds of millions of yuan. The real estate industry has now become one of the expenditure industries in Xiangjiang, and there are many abnormal phenomena. The Rolls-Royce stopped firmly in front of the front door of the Garbo Building, and a doorman in a white uniform came quickly and opened the door respectfully. This is our Garbo's place. Wu Jiarong said half jokingly and half seriously, "Mr. Luo, you should come to your own company without any restraint. I'll take you up for a walk. You can say what you want to see and understand. All departments here are open to you." The doorman next to him looked at Luo Kai with some curiosity, wondering why Wu Shao was so polite to him. The doorman did not know Luo Kai. This is normal, because the media in Hong Kong seldom report on mainland stars, and the entertainment news published in their TV newspapers and magazines are all from Hong Kong, and even the social networking sites in Hong Kong are the same, showing a closed or even conservative state. Of course, not all people in Hong Kong are like this. Many young people of the new generation have a broader vision. They are willing to follow the latest trends,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, understand and even participate in the development process of the mainland. There are also mainland star artists who like and pursue them. Luo Kai said with a smile, "Wu Shao, just call me Luo Kai. Thank you for your help." The two chatted quite congenially on the road, so they got to know each other a lot. Wu Jiarong laughed. "Why are you so polite? Let's go. I'll take you up and have a look." The two walked into the Garbo Building together. As soon as they arrived at the lobby, a group of people came in front of them. The leader was a beautiful woman in an OL uniform, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. Good morning, Manager Wu. She nodded at Wu Jiarong,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and her eyes immediately fell on Luo Kai. With a faint smile on her lips, she took the initiative to extend her hand to Luo Kai: "Hello, Mr. Luo Kai. I'm Garbo Sun Xiuwen. Nice to meet you." "Hello." Luo Kai shook hands with her somewhat unknowingly. "Nice to meet you, Miss Sun." Wu Jiarong coughed and said, "Yanxiu is the deputy general manager of our Garbo Pictures." Sun Xiuwen glanced at him, her eyes a little cold. Wu Jiarong shrank his head and said with a dry laugh, "Let's go up." Sun Xiuwen ignored him and said to Luo Kai, "Mr. Luo Kai, Wu Dong has already told you. Today I will accompany you to visit and understand our Garbo Pictures. If you have any needs or requests, please feel free to tell me." Wu Jiarong was put aside directly. Luo Kai was surprised and did not understand how the other party came from. He actually pressed Wu Jiarong to death. But on the surface, he remained calm and said with a smile, "Thank you." Under the guidance of Sun Xiuwen, Luo Kai was hugged to take the special elevator straight up to the 28th floor, and launched a formal visit to Garbo Pictures. Although Garbo Pictures is the most important subsidiary of Garbo Group, the 37-storey Garbo Building is not exclusive to Garbo Pictures. In fact, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, Garbo Pictures occupies only three floors, and the rest are either given to other subsidiaries or leased out. Nevertheless, the scale of Garbo Film is very large. The brokerage department, management department, production department, technology department, outreach department, public relations department, finance department and other departments are very complete. It also has its own special effects production team and independent studio, forming a one-stop operation of shooting, production, publicity and distribution. In addition, there is a training department under Garbo Film, which recruits and trains trainees.
Sun Xiuwen took Luo Kai to visit various departments of the company in turn, introducing the current situation and strength of Garbo Film Industry for Luo Kai, as well as the manager and supervisor of the department, etc., but Wu Jiarong became a follower, and could not find any chance to say a word to Luo Kai. At noon, Luo Kai had a working meal at Garbo Pictures, not because of Garbo's neglect, but because of his special request. In the afternoon, he went to the set of Garbo Pictures in Kowloon Tong. Chapter 590 a trip to Hong Kong (9). Unlike the situation in the mainland, there is no third-party film and television city in Hong Kong. Hong Kong film has a long history. As early as the 1920s and 1930s, film companies in Hong Kong began to appear, flourished in the 1960s and 1970s, and reached its peak in the 1980s and 1990s. At that time, Hong Kong produced the second largest number of films in the world in a year, second only to Hollywood in the United States. Because many film companies are family-owned and are accustomed to doing things in their own way, large film companies have their own studios, many of which are concentrated in the Kowloon Tong area. Over time, Kowloon Tong has become the film and television shooting base of Hong Kong, especially after entering the new century, Hong Kong films have declined, many film companies have closed down, the big film companies that can not support have also tried to save costs, many studios have been merged or rented and shared, forming today's pattern. Garbo's film set is not the largest among them, but the facilities and equipment are more advanced than those of its peers, so according to the plan, some scenes of "Crossing the Four Seas" were filmed in Garbo's studio. In fact, the facilities of Yanjing Film and Television City are better than here, but Garbo also has its own advantages. First of all, Garbo Pictures has made many action movies about police and gangsters. The quantity and quality of props are very high, especially in firearms and weapons, which are very suitable for the shooting needs of "Crossing the Four Seas". Secondly,caustic calcined magnesite, Garbo Pictures has an experienced martial arts and special effects team, which has a great advantage in action scenes, and the experience of using Weiya is stronger than that in China. stargrace-magnesite.com
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