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Rain came through the crack in the window and hit Xi Jinchen's hand coldly. Not long after the phone rang, it was picked up, but just one word, Xi Jinchen knew that the person who answered the phone was not Ye Qingxin, but a man! "Who are you?" Xi Jinchen frowned, and his voice settled down in an instant, revealing a bit of coldness. There was a pause, until a female voice shouted from the phone, Xi Jinchen heard the other side say lightly, "She's in the hospital!" Then he hung up without waiting for him to react. Xi Jinchen holds the mobile phone, there are too many problems in his heart, but he has no extra thoughts to consider. All the attention of the brain was absorbed by the other side's "she is in the hospital". Xi Jinchen fiercely came to his senses, his heart shrank, and he ran to the hospital without even saying hello to Meng Ziting. A man who had lived for 27 years stumbled down the stairs and almost tripped first. But as if nothing had happened, he left the hotel and drove straight to the central hospital. Yi Hanyang looked back at Ye Qingxin, who was still unconscious, and his pupils shrank, as if he had been pinched by the throat, and the pain that was hard to breathe eroded his heart, giving him only a desperate sinking inch by inch. He would never forget the name he had heard in her pale mouth when he pushed open the roof door an hour ago and found Ye Qingxin, who was huddling in the corner and shivering in the heavy rain,automated warehouse systems, Xi Jinchen! Even though she was soaked to the skin and her consciousness began to be scattered, all she thought and read was Xi Jinchen. Even at the moment when he carried her out, she was in a daze, holding him tightly in her hands and sipping, repeating the same sentence in her mouth. Jin Chen, you're here at last. I'm so scared. Yi Han raised a pale radian on his lips, not knowing whether it was self-mockery or the pain of despair. Originally still holding the last hope to find her, but did not expect her to give him the last fatal blow in such a way! Is there anything more hopeless than reading another man's name in the eyes of the woman he loves? When Xu Jing came back from the formalities,heavy duty rack manufacturers, she saw Yi Hanyang standing outside the ward. She suddenly paused. She stood in place and looked at Yi Hanyang from a distance. His tall and straight body was slightly stiff, and his angular side face was tight as if he was suppressing some kind of emotion. Xu Jing's eyes drooped slightly, and somewhere in her body, Yi Hanyang, who was not far away, fell into endless confusion and pain. She likes Yi Hanyang, but the person Yi Hanyang loves is Ye Qingxin, and the person Ye Qingxin likes now is Xi Jinchen. Several of them are like a circle, and everyone is deeply involved in it, but they don't know how to look back. Sometimes, she thought greedily, as long as Yi Hanyang looked back, as long as he could see her heart for him, she would be satisfied. However, she knew very well that only Ye Qingxin was in his heart, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty metal racking, and even if she waited, she could not get his response. Love, is so that people can not stop, knowing that it is a road of no return or go down without hesitation. With a forced smile, he straightened out his emotions and went to him. Why are you standing here? Don't you go in and see the freshness? Xu Jing smiled, and there was no other emotion on her face. In Yi Hanyang's memory, she has been like this since she knew her. With a slight smile, it was not clear what she was thinking. Even on that morning, when he had spoken so rudely, she had only stiffened a little and returned to her usual gentleness. Yi Hanyang looked at the door of the eye, his eyes darkened, and turned away from Xu Jing. "She doesn't need me!" Xu Jing Leng Leng, watching him walk out of a section of the back, hurriedly follow up, "but, you do not wait for her to wake up?"? If she knew it was you who saved her, maybe you. "Enough!" Yi Hanyang suddenly stopped and turned to drink coldly. Xu Jing was startled by his sudden drop in air pressure and looked at his face with a flash of pain in her eyes. Yi Hanyang was bleary-eyed for a moment, and this was the first time he had caught a different emotion in her eyes. He always knew she liked him, but he didn't know how to respond to her. People's hearts are so small that they can only hold one person. And his heart in addition to Ye Qingxin, can no longer vacate any place.
Yi Hanyang took a heavy look at her, turned around and said lightly, "I have my self-esteem!" Xu Jing was shocked by his words. He has his pride. What about her? Eyes gradually wet, Xu Jing gawked at the back of his departure, heart as if it had been corroded, sour pain. Miss? Miss, are you all right? The passing nurse saw that her face was so bad and asked her kindly. Xu Jing came to her senses, wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled at the little nurse, "I'm all right, I just have sand in my eyes." Then he turned and walked to Ye Qingxin's ward. Leaving the little nurse a face of doubt, strange, where is the sand in the hospital? When Xi Jinchen flew to the hospital, Xu Jing had just entered the ward. Seeing Xi Jinchen coming, he was a little surprised. "Why did you come?" As if he had not heard of it, Xi Jinchen went straight to Ye Qingxin and sat down beside him. Her face was as pale as a sheet of paper, and there was no life in it. Xi Jinchen's heart clenched. When had he ever seen such a fragile, pale leaf fresh. Xu Jing looked at his messy clothes and hairstyle, and guessed that he must have come in a hurry to know the news, and could not help but begin to envy Ye Qingxin, who had two men who loved her so much. You can rest assured that she is all right, but she has been caught in too much rain! Xu Jing saw his worry and spoke out to comfort him. When Xi Jinchen heard this, his heart in his throat lightened a lot in an instant. Fortunately, fortunately, it's nothing serious. Otherwise, he would never forgive himself. The hand unconsciously stroked her pale face, and Ye Qingxin suddenly moved, frowning gently. Two whispers overflowed from his pale lips, "Jin Chen,push back racking system, Jin Chen." Xi Jinchen's eyes were red because of her dream talk, and her heart was soft. I just want to hold her in my arms and not let her get hurt. It was all his fault. If he hadn't been with her, how could she have been hospitalized because of too much rain. Xu Jing pursed her lips and quietly retreated. Leave the space to him and Ye Qingxin. kingmoreracking.com
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