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"It's all right if I don't read it. I'm so angry when I read it that my head is smoking. This paper is really nonsense and full of mistakes.". Angry, I suddenly have an idea, that is, the biggest difference between me and these students is not only the mentality, but also the academic level. If I write a nonsense paper, will I hear strange sounds? "Although I am an atheist, I believe that all ghosts and gods are the products of fantasy produced by people's psychological changes.". But at this moment, I have a feeling in my heart, on the one hand, I want to prove that the students'auditory hallucinations are collective hysteria, on the other hand, I want to experience this kind of auditory hallucinations. Although it was very late when the student left, there were not many people in the library, and it would be closed later. But I decided to stay and write a nonsense paper, so I said hello to the librarian and said I would stay in the library tonight. The caretaker, who was an old acquaintance of mine, gave me the key and said something about not working too hard and left. When I began to write, there were only two or three students in the library besides me, and they left soon after. Silent environments, blocked bookshelves and weird rumors are all negative psychological cues that can cause psychological stress and fear,lamella tube, even for psychology professors like me. However, this kind of uneasiness is exactly what I want to have. The more I feel uneasy, the more likely I am to have hallucinations, auditory hallucinations and other pathological mental phenomena. I was in an uneasy state of mind, thinking about how to write this nonsense paper. To be honest, it is more difficult for me to write a nonsense paper than to write an authoritative paper. I can't go on writing only the beginning part. So I closed my eyes, thought about the papers that the students had handed in,Rotating sludge scraper, and wrote out the most ridiculous ones. It's funny to say that I should plagiarize students'papers, and they are the ones that make me shout abuse. I wrote this paper with the wrong ideas I saw in the student's paper, and I suddenly felt someone standing behind me. I am not afraid of this, because I know that this is a normal psychological phenomenon, when people are alone, especially late at night, vigilance will unconsciously improve, so there will be some psychological phenomena. But this time my judgment may be wrong. Ignoring my abnormal feelings, I continued to recall the students'papers and write out the wrong arguments. Suddenly, a shrill cry sounded deep in my ears. In the silent library, the cry seemed to be a bomb exploding in my ears, which made me jump up. A sense of inexplicable fear rises from the bottom of my heart, and all kinds of demons and ghosts seen in movies and TV works pass through my mind in an instant. I couldn't help but look around to see if there was anything terrible around me that could threaten my safety. Although everything in the library is as usual, at this moment, multi disc screw press ,MBR reactor, behind every bookshelf, every dark corner where the light does not shine, is a place where ghosts hide in my eyes. Despite the fear in my heart, I still insist on the idea that everything can be explained from a scientific point of view, so I suspect that I am also affected by mass hysteria, so I have auditory hallucinations. The best way to find out if I also hear voices is to continue writing this paper full of mistakes and omissions. But before I do, I have to control my fear. So I walked through the rows of bookshelves, to all the dark corners where the lights didn't shine, to all the places where I thought there might be something terrible hidden, and I went to the bathroom. After inspecting all the possible dangerous places and making sure that my safety would not be threatened, I sat down with my back against the wall, sat quietly and adjusted my breathing rate to stabilize my mood. I was sure that my emotions had calmed down before I continued to write the paper. When I added another absurd argument to the paper, the shrill cry sounded again, and I forced myself to suppress the fear in my heart and continue to add wrong arguments and arguments to the paper. However, whenever there is a mistake in the paper, the cry will ring, the number of times, the psychological pressure will naturally ease, to the end I even look forward to the appearance of the cry, like a child who has found a novelty.
A night has passed, and my experiment should be over. Through this experiment, it was confirmed that the shrill cries that I and my students heard were not the product of mass hysteria, but they were not real, because my recording pen did not record any special sound. Therefore, I suspect that the cry is caused by ultrasonic waves. Maybe after the renovation of the library, some places have formed a narrow duct pattern, which will form ultrasonic waves when the airflow passes through. When writing a paper, people are more focused, and it is not uncommon for them to have auditory hallucinations under the stimulation of ultrasound. But why do auditory hallucinations occur only when there are errors in the paper, and why do everyone have the same auditory hallucinations? "There are a lot of doubts about the hypothesis of ultrasound, so I have to do another experiment.". I borrowed some instruments that can detect ultrasonic waves and did the tests at different locations in the library. After a busy day, the result was that nothing was measured. After that, I put forward several hypotheses, which were proved to be wrong by experiments, so I had to make the most incredible hypothesis that the library was haunted. That's why I turned to the police for help. Although I know that the police are not priests and can't catch ghosts and exorcise demons, it's the responsibility of the police to solve the difficulties for the citizens.. Professor Zhang is indeed an excellent professor of psychology. After talking a lot of nonsense, he dropped the sentence "It is the responsibility of the police to solve the difficulties for the citizens", and then he could let us catch ghosts in a high-sounding manner. Under the guidance of Professor Zhang, Ghost Pupil and I came to the library, which is an ordinary library, except for the smell of decoration, nothing special. However, as soon as the ghost pupil stepped into the library, she whispered to me that she had found something strange. She said she "saw" a very strange spirit body. Although it was small, it could emit dazzling light. It might be the soul of a cat or dog that was about to become a spirit. I said to Professor Zhang,filter nozzle, "Were there any small animals like cats and dogs here before?" Weird Files 2-The Critical Point of Weird and Real, Section 8 Weird Files 2-The Critical Point of Weird and Real, Section 8. khnwatertreatment.com
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